Why no two sealants are created equal!

Did you know that sealants based on the same raw material do not automatically possess the same characteristics? Hence, just listing the raw materials does not provide you with conclusive information on the mechanical or chemical properties of the respective product. By adjusting the formulation, we as manufacturer are able to greatly impact the quality of a sealant! Therefore, if you want to obtain an objective insight into the various products that are available on the market, you will need more information than just the data sheets provided by manufacturers. After all, the data contained in them is diffi cult to compare, in view of the different testing methods and standards used. A truly objective and well-founded comparison can only be accomplished based on standards such as DIN testing standards, DIN-EN-ISO standards, ÖNORM standards, etc. Be sure to check whether a sealant only »meets« a standard, or whether it has actually been »tested« in accordance with it. On Ramsauer data sheets all you will find is the latter!

Can be covered with paint coatsYesNoYes
ElasticityJoints with low movementExpansion joints,
very elastic special products
Expansion joints
Adhesion on a damp surfaceYesNoYes
Temperature resistance-20°C to +80°C
(special product „420“ higher)
-40°C to +150°C
(special products up to +250°C)
-40°C to +90°C
Applicationinsideinside + outsideinside + outside
Chemical resistancelowsolid (depending on formula)low
Odorodorlessintrinsicnearly odorless
Shrinkage< 15 %< 6 %< 2 %
Shelf life12 month
(ATTENTION: protect from frost!)
9 – 24 month12 month